Admission Procedure

Best ICSE schools in Varthur, whitefield

Admision Procedure

You probably have been looking to admit your child to the best ICSE-affiliated school near Whitefield, Varthur or in and around East Bangalore and landed here.

The Importance of education is critical in today's ever-evolving world. Education has a big role to play in the economic growth of a country and in an individual’s personal growth.

Pratham International school located in Varthur, Whitefield, (East Bangalore) is monitoring the growing need for Value-based education and supports the constraints to attending regular schools around the globe. It has an extremely strong focus on self-improvement, and academic milestones and focuses heavily on exceptional values that will help them throughout their future years of life.

Expert Teachers

Swimming Pool

Comprehensive Library

24/7 Security

Smart Classrooms

Well Equipped Labs

Experienced Guides

And other amenities to support and uplift every child’s ambition and goals.

Admission Process to the Best ICSE School in Whitefield, East Bangalore


Admission enquiry walk-in


Fill Enquiry Form


Admission process, explanation and entrance test of the School


One-on-one discussion with the School Principal


Document verification, application filling, fee payment


Confirm Admission

About Pratham International School

Pratham International School was established in the year 2010 with a focus on academics, character building, and a holistic approach to education. Since then, the school has grown to be one of the best international schools in Varthur, Whitefield.

Pratham International School is recognized as a school of excellence and is known for its educational standards with an affordable fee structure. The realization of an individual's potential is one of the fundamental aims of education and we at Pratham realize this daily through our intensive curriculum that allows all students to grow at their own pace while providing them with an excellent educational foundation that will prepare them for a bright future, whether they decide to pursue their studies further or not.

As a catalyst to the process of growth, the School upholds the values of our core mission statement through timely goal-setting and progressive thoughts.

Pratham International School is accredited by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) - applicable from Grades 1 to 10.

Propagating true education in the world is the noblest work of all.



Provide modern techniques in education along with cultural, traditional, and ethical values to nurture the holistic development of the child.



Why choose Pratham International School when looking for the best (ICSE) School Admissions, 2022 in East Bangalore?

The school’s goal is to foster a collaborative learning environment among students, teachers, and staff. It is vital that our staff be considered assets in the academic community so that they may be actively engaged with the education of our students. Their expertise and more importantly their dedication must encourage our children to always make a conscientious effort towards improving themselves now so as to better create a bright future for tomorrow.

We at the Pratham International School encourage an educational institute that creates responsible global citizens through its guiding philosophy rather than preparing them for standardized tests or certifying them for specific occupations.

Pratham believes that the learning process is a two-way street. One of our mottos is 'learning by doing, which means students are encouraged to participate actively in their own education right from the beginning.

Pratham believes in the spirit of education. We believe that each child is unique and has a lot to offer. Liberal education is not just about being able to listen or recite facts, but it is also about being attentive and truly understanding what it means to be a student and what one can bring out of the classroom experience!

Activity-Based Learning at Pratham International School (ICSE) Varthur (Whitefield) East Bangalore

Activity based learning are based on doing hands-on experiments and activities. It is a fun approach to learning since it boosts the development of the brain in kids providing constant stimulus by prompting them to respond. Activity based learning is an active teaching learning methodology. It is more useful in primary classes. Teaching becomes more interesting by this method. A lot of activities are done in our school. Activities bring activeness and smartness among the students. Hence, we know that "Education means all round development of the child".

Frequently Asked Questions when seeking admission to the best ICSE-affiliated school in Whitefield Bangalore?

Where is the school located?

The school is located near Varthur, close to Whitefield in Muthsandra Main Road, Bangalore.

What age group is taught in the school?

We take admission from the age group of 3 years. A child should complete 6 years on June 1st to get admission in Grade 1.

Is transport facility available in the school?

We provide transport facility in and around 10 kms for all the required children.

What are the advantages of ICSE Board in India?

ICSE certification is accepted across the world.

The topics in each subject taught in ICSE Board gets covered in detail. so, students get in-depth knowledge about a subject which helps them in their career later.

ICSE syllabus gives emphasis on the English language

The structure of the ICSE syllabus requires students to look beyond textbooks, venture into their labs and gather hands on experience to get a practical insight into concepts learnt in the classroom

What is your School’s ICSE Affiliation number?

Our School affiliation number is KA319/2016.