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One of the Best International Schools in East Bangalore

We aim at empowering children through a strong weapon of education by inspiring students to explore their own uniqueness.

Pratham International a School was established in the year 2010 in Varthur, Whitefield, East Bangalore with a holistic approach to provide the best in academics, co-curricular activities, and character building. It is recognized as one of the top schools for excellence as we strongly believe in team effort and constant evaluation of our standards.

We help in the process of development by encouraging progressive thoughts to a higher level in kids. We empower the children to question, hence providing them an opportunity to explore new horizons and a congenial climate for developing their learning skills.

Being one of the best schools, Pratham International school, Varthur, Bangalore is accredited to the Council for the Indian Secondary Certificate Examination (CISCE) - applicable from Grades I to X.

Pratham takes one idea, one team, one goal and motivates everybody to achieve the target in time.

We believe in rich culture and holistic development of every Prathamites.

Why Pratham International School, Varthur, Bangalore


Being one of the best International schools in the East Bangalore region is a real challenge. It takes a lot of care, commitment, conviction and experience with the help of dedicated staff.

We have been providing quality education to students by embracing holistic approach and unique learning method. Parents believe in a congenial and comfortable environment for their children in the school. Pratham created learner-friendly environment for every child.

Our dedicated staff is motivated towards imbibing enthusiasm and motivation in students. They foster independence and individuality, excite children's attention, and empower them to bring out major outcomes. We believe that a strong education promotes a lifelong desire to learn in students and offers the intellectual foundation for their existence.

We at Pratham International School, Varthur ensure that our classrooms are digitalized to meet the modern requirements. We provide a secured environment- Surveillance cameras, modern learning facilities, GPS and Biometrics. Our webpage provides information about school events.

We being one of the top International Schools that follows a holistic approach to education with the best tutelage, creative freedom, and inspiring innovation.

Propagating true education in the world is the noblest work of all.



Provide modern techniques in education along with cultural, traditional, and ethical values to nurture the holistic development of the child.





Teaching and learning at Pratham is driven by the idea of intrinsically motivating every teacher and child for their lifelong learning. Every activity that is undertaken is with an intention to empower teachers, students, and parents for learning something more meaningful.

In our experience, all activities undertaken have resulted in increased confidence, self-respect, and character, which is the base for the all-round development of all human beings which can take them to an international level.

XSEED Program followed at the Best International Schools

Pratham International School, Varthur has partnered with XSEED Education which is a proven and one of the best research-based academic programs for schools that build thinking skills & problem- solving confidence in children. It has an activity-based curriculum that is developed with the content provided and prescribed by CISCE Board.

XSEED includes a detailed micro-curriculum, training for teachers, assessment tools, digital learning resources and learn-o-meter tests for students. With this enhancement in technology, the dimension & scope of learning has grown exponentially.

The children taught through XSEED ask more questions, can write in their own words, do word problems in mathematics, can complete their homework on their own by brainstorming in several ways possible and selecting the best outcomes, and are not afraid to speak up in English, persist longer in solving problems, and score well in tests.


Affordable Fees

Affordable Fees

The fees are collected only through online mode (Parent Portal App/ QR Code/ UPI ID) and also can avail facilities of finance. The fees can be paid in two installments also.

Active Learning

Active Learning

"Education means all-round development of the child". Activity-Based Learning Methodology (A.B.L.) is followed in Pratham which brings activeness and smartness among children.