Montessori Play Area


School's playground promotes health through climbing, jumping and running while providing a controlled environment for physical activity. Our school playground designs focus on five specific areas of skill development – sensory, motor, cognitive, strength, and social/emotional – to provide a variety of developmental options for kids to choose from.

Swimming Pool

Pratham provides the finest swimming facilities open round the year, under highly skilled and certified coaches. Pratham trains the Government school children to learn swimming with free of cost.

Our Swimming pool has top-rated with outstanding infrastructure. A healthy body will contain a healthy mind. Swimming can be called the mother of all activities and games, as swimming is the only exercise, which gives total impact on all the muscle groups in our body. We regularly maintain the pH and chlorine level, and other parameters to ensure that the water is clean and transparent.

Indoor Sports Room

Sports keep the body and mind active as children learn a lot through playing. They enjoy play more than anything, right from toddler age. Indoor games help children develop their fine motor skills to handle the coins, the board and gather their focus and catch their attention. Interaction with others teaches them how to handle success and to be a team player.

Students get to play Chess, Carrom, Table tennis, etc. in addition to exposure to outdoor games. Encouragement comes in the form of tournaments that helps them to prepare with enthusiasm.