Primary School (GRADE I to V)

Grade I – VI follow XSEED curriculum

We have curated our primary school curriculum in a way that it becomes an enjoyable experience for children.

XSEED is designed to create an experience through activities which ultimately increases the confidence in students. Students explore questions independently and also answers by thinking innovatively. XSEED focuses on 5 steps teaching which involve Aim, Action, Analysis, Application and Assessment. This improves their reading and speaking skills.

  • shooting-targetAim
  • call-to-actionAction
  • optimizationAnalysis
  • profilingApplication
  • sketchingAssessment

XSEED provides colourful pictures with simple sentences with which the child enjoys reading and doing activities. The topics are divided into blocks with regards to lesson plans. Board work is divided in such a way that the students become confident in understanding and can answer independently.

It provides digital learning which contains ample opportunities for the children to speak or express their thoughts in alternate views through classroom discussions and debates.

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