Health Center

The school retains an experienced and well qualified Resident Medical Officer who is on call 24 hours a day. The infirmary at Pratham is well equipped with all necessary first aid and primary medical care equipment. In the case of more serious ailments the nurse immediately informs the parents / guardians. The students are treated in consultation with the parents with regard to drugs, diets etc.


The Pratham school canteen is committed to ensure that the nutritional needs of tender and growing students are met in a practical and efficient manner. That is why the school provides meals which are planned by nutritionists and prepared by highly qualified professional chefs, under the direction and supervision of an experienced Senior Chef.


Children these days spend most of their time in the school, and this makes it important for all the stakeholders to ensure that every student is safe and secure inside the school campus and when commuting from and to the school every day.

Mentioned Below are the facilities to enhance the safety in School

  • Combining Surveillance Cameras with New Technologies
  • Fence, Gate and Appoint Security Personnel near the School Entrance and Exit Gate
  • Students Should Possess Their ID Cards – Always.
  • Parent ID card is must, while pick up & Drop of the Student
  • Monitor Student Activities
  • Restrict Entry to Unauthorized Places.
  • Established very clear security policies and need to reinforce goals
  • We encourage reporting of suspicious and unwanted incidents like bullying
  • We are providing training to the students on safety and security

Administrative Office

The backbone of the education sector is its administrative and operational staff. From finance to human resources, these central support functions are similar to those found in any organization. No school can operate effectively without them.


These roles define the organizational strategy and help them implement it. Senior administrators and management provide an essential service that ultimately enriches the experience for students and gives them new opportunities for learning and development.


The task of administration is essential in our organization. Making sure staff are looked after, suppliers are paid and enrolments are processed are all essential functions in an educational organization. The administrative or back-office staff that are tasked with these functions are also often the key contact point for external suppliers and service providers as well as current and prospective students.


Quality educational services that support educational outcomes by keeping the campus operating on a day-to-day basis. This is the heart of Pratham school, keeping things moving and ensuring that essential and non-essential services are available to students and staff


Best-in-class school bus tracking solution to keep the children in visibility - safe commute. Pratham provides the full force transportation with the GPRS & CCTV facility, which helps the parents to track the fleet system. Right from the pick up to the drop of every child is monitored with highly trained transportation team which includes: daily sanitization, daily attendance tracker for the students and regular follow-ups of the safety rules.